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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as HETVI STRAPPING SERVICES expertise in manufacturing generally all types of spare parts for semi-automatic PP box strapping machine, as well as repairing of semi- automatic PP box strapping machine,

The era of the technical expertise of this company started in 1987, when founder of this company Mr. Dhruv H. Vora established the single-owner. HETVI STRAPPING SERVICES to share their technical know-how with the people in packaging industry, and offered them, it services for the repairs and maintenances of the packaging machine. A man with enormous technical knowledge in this field soon becomes popular. His workmanship and high quality services brought him to the great demand in the packaging industry.

Customer Support


HETVI STRAPPING SERVICES: motto is not only to merchandise the spare parts of various strapping machines but also to “retain your trust trustfully”.





I have always received good service from the HETVI STRAPPING SERVICES. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.